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Idaho Falls Defective Product Attorney

Each day a person gets up in the morning and uses an incredible number of products which make life easier. For instance, one might use an aerosol can for shaving cream, the stovetop for cooking breakfast, or the coffee pot for brewing a hot cup of coffee. That same person then races out the door and jumps into their vehicle to drive to work. it seems like every moment a person is coming in contact with another product. But what happens when one of those products has been defectively designed or has a manufacturer’s defect. What happens when the motor vehicle you get into has a defective seatbelt which does not protect in the case of an accident. The law offices of Racine Olson have been here since the 1940s and have helped many people who have been seriously injured by a defective product. These defective products have included boat trailers, soup, guns, and other items. It has been a great honor for us to help our neighbors.

What Makes a Product Defective

A product becomes defective when it has a defective design, a manufacturing defect, or fails to warn owners or users of the dangers that it possesses. A defective design is one which renders all of the products of a certain class defective. In other words, in the case of a motor vehicle, it would mean that all of the seatbelts in a given class of motor vehicle are defective. A manufacturing defect occurs when only one product comes off of an assembly line and is defective. This means that other products of the same type might be perfectly fine, but in the case of one particular item, there is a defect. Finally, a failure to warn occurs when there are insufficient instructions or warnings on how to operate a product such as a snowblower.

Racine Olson is Experienced With Defective Products Claims

Products liability attorneys at Racine Olson are familiar with the law in Idaho Falls and are able to help their clients with all types of products liability cases. They have had the experience of dealing with these complex matters and have achieved wonderful results for their clients. Racine Olson is able to access the necessary experts to make a products liability claim successful for their clients. Racine Olson has the ability and the financial capacity to hire the necessary engineers and other expensive experts to make a case successful.

Products Liability Law

Products liability law can be complex and hard to understand. It includes concepts such as negligence, strict liability, battery, and other theories. In addition to those theories, one must be aware of the ordinary traps such as subrogation interests and the collateral source doctrine that must be considered. In short, before attempting to tackle any products liability case, it would be wise to contact a seasoned products liability attorney in Idaho to discuss your case.

Evidence is Key

When an accident involving a product occurs, it is important to first get medical care. Second, be sure to preserve the evidence and all photographs taken at the scene. If you do not own the evidence, it is helpful to contact an attorney so that a preservation of evidence letter can be immediately sent.

The product liability attorneys at Racine Olson are confident that they can help all of their friends and neighbors in Idaho Falls. We have been here for many years. Come see us today, and we’ll solve the problem together. Problem Solved.

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