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Idaho Falls Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

It is hard to imagine a more common and everyday activity than running to the store. Every day we jump into our motor vehicle, whether it is a car or truck, and run quick errands. A trip can be across town, across the state, or across the country for vacation. Regardless of the reason for driving, motor vehicles are everywhere in Idaho Falls and Bonneville County. Some are large, some are small, and some are farm equipment.

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, or that your loved ones occupy, a serious accident can happen in a moment. Such an accident can be the type that will cause injuries and suffering that could last a lifetime. In the most unfortunate of cases, such an accident can cost the life of a careful and innocent driver. The motor vehicle accident attorneys at Racine Olson in Idaho Falls, Idaho, are experienced in these cases and have handled them for many years. Not only do these attorneys have the experience to take on such cases, they also have the ability to explain complex legal principles to you in a way that you will understand and help you relax about the burden you’ve been carrying. Racine Olson is here to help.

Serious Accidents Occur Regardless of the Weather

It doesn’t really seem to matter what the weather is in Southern Idaho, accidents occur frequently. Indeed, in a recent study, it was found that the 100 most dangerous days of the year are in the summer when the roads should be at their best. Of course, accidents also happen in the cold and lengthy winters of Idaho.

It is important to understand that regardless of whether the road is icy or slick, a person can still be held at fault for causing an accident. In other words, merely because a person thinks that the accident was not their fault because there was ice on the road is incorrect. The Idaho Supreme Court has held that the failure to obey traffic laws, even in the presence of ice, is still negligence. In other words, if a driver encounters ice and slides into the back of the vehicle in front of it, it is not the ice’s fault but rather the driver who was driving too fast for the conditions. That person is liable as a matter of law for the accident.

This is important to remember since if a person if found to have violated a traffic rule at the time of an accident, the injured party does not have to prove that the at-fault party was negligent. Rather, they just need to show that a traffic law was violated.

People who are driving too fast on snowy roads, text messaging, talking on the phone, or just plain drowsy, may not be paying sufficient attention to the roads and are guilty of inattentive driving should they cause an accident.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Have Many Consequences

Innocent parties suffer broken bones, nerve damage, brain injuries, and even death. The person may suffer lost wages or perhaps the ability to work in the future. Of course, there is the constant pain, mental suffering, and changes in personality as a person goes through these types of challenges. We understand these problems because we have helped others through them.

It doesn’t matter where you are in Idaho Falls or Bonneville County. If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident and cannot come to us, we’ll come to you. We understand that sometimes people need to talk in person, and we’ll be happy to do whatever we can to help you through this painful process.

At Racine Olson, We Have Experience in All Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

We’ve been your neighbor here in Southeast Idaho for 70 years. During that time, we’ve handled all sorts of motor vehicle and truck accidents. These have included drunk driving, hit-and-run collisions, distracted driving, and numerous others. We work with a number of medical and motor vehicle accident experts to evaluate the effects of these injuries on you so that we can increase the value of your case. We’re confident that we’ll be able to help you with your problem. After all, we’ve been doing this for a long time. Come see us today, and let’s solve your problem together. Problem Solved.

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