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Pocatello Idaho Dog Bite Lawyer

There are many dog owners here in Pocatello Idaho. Everybody seems to love them. They are in the various parades that go up and down Center. You’ll see them in pet shops on Yellowstone street or even in warehouse stores around town. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are used as service animals, some dogs are comfort companions, and some are just loveable pets. Each seems to worm their way into our hearts. Most dogs are gentle pets that make up an important part of our families.

However, not all of these animals are friendly to others. Statistics show that many children and adults are seriously injured or even suffer death as a result of dog bite attacks. When this happens, your hometown Pocatello Idaho personal injury attorney at Racine Olson can help. We’ve handled these types of cases before and we understand the trauma, both mental and physical, that people suffer when a dog attacks. If you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite and don’t know what to do, we urge you to contact a lawyer here at Racine Olson as soon as possible.

The Law Surrounding Domestic Animals Including Dogs

Idaho law in the area of dog bites is fairly simple. The law makes it possible to pursue a vicious dog’s owner on negligence or strict liability grounds. If the owner knows or should have known that the animal is vicious or likely to bite someone, then he or she is liable for harm caused by it should it injure a person. Boswell v. Steele, 158 Idaho 554, 348 P.3d 497 (Ct. App. 2015). This rule only applies if the dog is on its owner’s property. If the animal is trespassing on someone else’s land and bites a person, then the dog’s owner can be held liable whether or not he or she knew of the dog’s dangerous propensities. Id. In other words, the dog’s owner can be held strictly liable for the injuries it inflicts. There are other important things to consider in such a case; this means that it is best to retain a Pocatello, Idaho attorney who is familiar with these laws.

Keep Your Child Safe

Oftentimes, it seems that children are the targets of vicious dogs. Due to the fact that kids are smaller and less coordinated, the harm that can come to them is usually more severe. There are things that a caring adult can do for their child to help them be safe when they are around an unfamiliar dog.

First, teach your child not to approach a dog’s food bowl or touch the animal when it is eating. Oftentimes, dogs are protective of their food dish and will attack in order to “protect” it.

Second, a child should be taught not to pinch a dog, pull on its ears, twist its fur, or do other things that could cause pain. Dogs react unpredictably to pain and may attack.

Third, a child should not approach an unfamiliar dog quickly. This can cause the dog to think that he is being attacked and will defend itself. This same rule applies to the dog’s owner. Oftentimes, the dog will come to the owner’s “rescue” if it believes an attack is happening. Remember, when there is a dog in close proximity, do everything in slow motion. This tends to alleviate stress in the animal. Remember to always ask permission before you touch a dog. Approach the animal slowly and talk softly to him or her. This will keep the animal calm and relaxed.

Damages for Injuries

Damages resulting from a dog bite are the same as other cases. These include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Where the injury is especially severe, then there are damages available for scarring or disfigurement.

Sometimes dogs attack other dogs, pets, or livestock. When this happens the owner of the attacked animal is entitled to be made whole. This includes the value of the animal. In addition, emotional damages to the owner may be available.

Get Help

If you have been bitten, get medical help. Direct the authorities to the animal so that it can be tested for any disease. In other words, take care of yourself first.

After getting the necessary medical help, give us a call. Racine Olson in Pocatello has been doing this for many years. Collectively, we have decades of experience. We take a team approach to solve client problems. We will retain the best experts and work hard to get you the best result. Give us a call. Problem solved.

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