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Chances are you came to this website because of two things. First, you have a problem and you need help to reach a solution. Second, you want to know if this is the firm best suited to help you solve the problem.

We Use a Team Approach

Let’s focus on your problem first. Perhaps the problem is one that requires a will or an estate plan. Maybe it is a business formation or dissolution problem. It may be that you have been injured in some sort of accident, whether on the highway or in the workplace. Whatever the problem, you need a solution. You need someone who will take the weight and the worry off your shoulders and help you solve the problem. The approach is simple at Racine Olson. It’s a team approach. We meet with you, and we introduce you to those who will be helping on your case. We have you meet with the staff, who will always be available to answer your phone calls. It’s a total commitment to you. We even have an Idaho attorney and staff person who speaks Spanish, should that be necessary. The goal is to do everything we can to solve your problem.

Serving Idaho for 70 Years

The second question is whether this is the right firm for you. Let us describe the firm that we have worked so hard to create and keep for our clients. The firm was founded in the 1940s by Lou Racine. After graduating from law school, he served in the military as a Navy Captain in World War II. After his honorable discharge, he began practicing law in Pocatello, Idaho. Soon, others joined the firm, including a future justice of the Idaho Supreme Court.

It’s not just that we have an impressive array of lawyers to help you. Those attorneys practice law in 19 different areas, of which some are discussed in more detail below.

Estate Planning

As people age, the importance of protecting the future of their loved ones grows. Our Idaho attorneys can help clients draft estate planning documents such as wills, trusts, and health care powers of attorney. These instruments allow you to express your wishes about issues such as what will happen to your property after you pass and who will make critical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to make them. If you have young children, you may wish to make a plan for their care as well. We understand the nuances of estate planning tools and can explain them to you so that you can choose the right strategy for you. For example, transferring your assets into a trust may allow your loved ones to avoid probate, a process that can prove protracted, costly, and disruptive to family dynamics. If you are a business owner, we also can help you devise a succession plan for your business that will preserve its stability.

Corporate & Business Law

We can advise you throughout the life cycle of your business, whether you are running a sole proprietorship, a family business, a limited liability company or partnership (LLC or LLP), or a corporation. The process of forming a business requires careful thought regarding your goals, as well as a familiarity with the legal technicalities of formation. We can make sure that your business is structured according to your wishes and help you resolve any internal conflicts that may arise. Our Idaho lawyers also can guide your business through disputes with other businesses, such as contract litigation or litigation over leases or real estate. If you are seeking to buy or sell a business, we can make sure that you are getting a deal that is fair and furthers your goals. Moreover, we can provide you with guidance on employee relations and represent you in any disputes with your employees that may arise.

Personal Injury

Whether you were struck by a drunk driver, you slipped and fell in an icy parking lot, or you were bitten by someone else’s dog, you may have rights to assert against the person or entity responsible for your injuries. Our Idaho lawyers can help you bring a personal injury claim for damages, which can cover your medical expenses, lost income and earning capacity, property damage, costs of future treatment, and pain and suffering, among other damages. We generally would need to prove that the defendant acted without a proper regard for your safety and that you were injured as a result. For example, drivers of cars and trucks need to obey traffic rules and avoid getting distracted behind the wheel, or they will be held responsible for striking vehicles or pedestrians in the area. If you lost a family member in a fatal accident, we can help you bring a wrongful death claim to seek compensation for your loss.

Workers’ Compensation

People who are injured on the job in Idaho usually can receive benefits through the state workers’ compensation system. This is a no-fault form of insurance that employers are required to maintain, and workers have access to it as long as they can show that their accident or illness occurred in the course of the job, no matter who was at fault for it. Our Idaho lawyers are ready to help workers with initial claims or with appeals of claims that have been denied so that they can receive the benefits for medical costs and lost wages that they need. We are familiar with the complexities that may arise in situations related to job injuries, such as when an employer or insurer argues that an injury was actually a pre-existing condition. Rather than trying to stand up to the insurer on your own, you should let us put all of our knowledge and resources to work for you.

Real Estate & Land Use

Racine Olson represents individuals and businesses in real estate transactions throughout Idaho. We can assist you with drafting a purchase and sale agreement that protects your interests in both the short term and the long term. We also can litigate for you if disputes arise over property boundaries, easements, or other areas in which the rights of two property owners may clash or overlap. If you are renting your property, or if you are planning to enter into a lease, our Idaho lawyers can make sure that you understand your rights and obligations under the agreement and can hold the other party accountable if it violates the terms. Interactions with the government can pose obstacles to many owners of private property, but our knowledge of eminent domain law and land use regulations can ensure that you navigate these situations as smoothly as possible.

Family Law

Some of the most stressful crossroads that you encounter in your life may involve the dissolution of a marriage and related family law matters. At Racine Olson, we recognize the challenges that you are going through, and we can guide you through a divorce or a child custody dispute with sensitivity and diligence. With regard to child custody, judges have substantial discretion to make decisions based on the best interests of the child, but having a knowledgeable advocate on your side can be critical in bolstering your parental rights. Our Idaho attorneys also can assist you with modifying a final judgment regarding child custody or support if your circumstances have changed since the existing order was issued. As another example of how we can help you, we can review a premarital agreement to make sure that your financial future will be secure in the event of a divorce.

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Client Reviews
"When it comes to our business work, we trust Racine Olson.” Premier Technology Inc.
“Randy has been our family’s attorney for many years. I’ve not only retained Randy to help with our family business, but I’ve used Randy and his firm in more than one complicated issues. I’ve never been disappointed.” Shawn - Previous Client
“Pat George, well there is so much I can say…. EXCELLENT lawyer! He leaves no stones unturned. If you are in need of an excellent Lawyer I would highly recommend Pat George. He turned a life threatening accident into a life changing event.” Personal Injury Client
“The attorneys here are just fantastic my dad and I are big fans…they are the best in Pocatello. I have lived in Poky my whole life” Previous Client
“I had been to many other law firms concerning my case. They were willing and able to help me out and I feel confident that they will do what is best for me.” Previous Client
“Fred Lewis is very knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient in explaining everything you need to know to help you win your case. He truly cares about you as a person and is on your side.” Workers' Compensation Client
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