Workers’ Compensation

Idaho Workers' Compensation LawyersIdaho workers compensation insurance companies will start your claim by assigning an adjustor with decades of experience to look in every corner of your claim. They want to find a reason to deny your claim. You waited too long to file your claim. Idaho Code – 72-701. Deny it. You didn’t have an accident. Vernon v. Omark Industries, 115 Idaho 486 (1989). Deny it. You get the point. When you get hurt on the job, call us, we will deal with the adjustor.

Once you make it past the adjustor, and your claim is “accepted”, the insurance company will send a nurse to follow you around to your doctor appointments to twist your doctor’s arm and persuade him/her that you have recovered, and you have no restrictions. Call us we will help you deal with these nurse case managers that are trying to ruin your comp case.

When the adjustor starts to get worried, they will hire a so called “independent medical evaluator.” We call them what they are – defense medical evaluators that are firmly on the insurance companies’ side. We have seen reports from these same doctors thousands of times. We are experienced Idaho workers compensation lawyers. We know how to deal with these insurance company doctors.

You are going to struggle if you try to represent yourself and try to battle with the insurance company adjustors, nurses and doctors gunning for you. You need someone on your side fighting back who has decades of workers compensation experience. Fred J. Lewis, of Racine Olson, has represented workers compensation insurance companies for 5 years in the 1990’s. He knows how they will try to attack you.

Injured workers often wonder how expensive it will be to hire a lawyer for their workers compensation claim. You may even think you will have to pay the lawyer some high hourly rate to have them even look at or pursue your case. All experienced Idaho worker’s compensation attorneys take these cases on a contingency fee or a percentage basis which is set by the Idaho Industrial Commission. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. We don’t get paid until you get paid. Our experience has shown that it is important to have a lawyer involved early in the case. Many of the important facts develop in the beginning of the case, including the restrictions that are given by your treating doctor. These restrictions then become the backbone of your workers compensation case.

You will need a lawyer to guide you through these early parts of your case and be part of your team. Often benefits will be paid to the injured worker with no input or help from the lawyer. In those cases, the lawyer is not entitled to be paid a percentage of those benefits. You would have been paid these benefits without the help of a lawyer. For an Idaho workers compensation lawyer to collect an attorney fee, the lawyer must show that he or she “primarily or substantially” secured the benefits for the claimant or injured person. In other words, the lawyer must do something to help the injured person obtain or be paid a specific worker’s compensation benefit before the lawyer is entitled to be paid a fee in a worker’s compensation case. The Idaho Industrial Commission must approve every penny that is charged by a lawyer in an Idaho workers compensation case. Therefore, you are only going to have to pay attorney fees on the benefits that were contested by the workers compensation insurance company. Hire Fred J. Lewis, Pat George, and Rachel Miller and our team today, and you will have a better outcome in your case.

Client Reviews
“Fred Lewis is very knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient in explaining everything you need to know to help you win your case. He truly cares about you as a person and is on your side. I would strongly recommend Fred Lewis to anyone in need of an attorney. Thank You Fred Lewis, you made a big difference in my life.” Workers’ Compensation Client