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Idaho Falls Motorcycle Accidents

Ask any motorcycle enthusiast and they’ll tell you, “There is no better way to experience the open road than on a motorcycle!” Idaho Falls, Idaho is the gateway to some of the most scenic, beautiful road trips available to motorcyclists in the country. Island Park, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Palisades and Craters of the Moon are just a few of the treasured attractions that draw motorcyclists from all over the world to view and experience their splendor. Likewise, motorists driving cars, pickups, motorhomes, vehicles pulling recreational vehicles, and semi tractors and trailers, too, share these roads. With all of these drivers crowding the roadways and experiencing the incredible beauty of this part of the country, accidents do happen. Some drivers are looking at mountains, rivers, animals, and wide open skies, instead of putting their focus on the roadway. This dangerous behavior can have life changing consequences for other motorists, especially motorcyclists.

Unfortunately, by their very nature, there is no worse way to feel the open road than on a motorcycle. Motorcycles are smaller and quicker than the rest of the vehicles on the roadway. Negligent, inattentive, reckless and/or careless drivers often do not give due caution and care to other motorists on the roadway, especially to motorcyclists. This lack of consideration can lead to accidents and crashes resulting in serious personal injuries or wrongful death. The drivers of motorcycles are exposed. They do not enjoy the luxury of being surrounded by the steel cages found in cars and trucks. Rather, a helmet, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers is all the protection the driver has. The combination of inattentive, reckless and/or careless drivers, coupled with the exposure of motorcyclists to these dangerous individuals, often leads to disastrous consequences.

If you, your friend, or your loved one has sustained personal injuries or wrongful death due to the actions of another, the personal injury lawyers at Racine Olson are your personal advocates with your best interests in mind. Racine Olson has been representing and zealously advocating for our clients for more than 70 years. When you retain a personal injury attorney at Racine Olson, you don’t just retain a lawyer, you retain a team! We collectively work together in a unified front in analyzing and advocating for the optimal result of your case. Our personal injury lawyers are driven to maximize the financial recovery of all of our clients. This recovery includes compensation for medical bills, future medical bills, lost wages, future lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of the love and affection of your loved one, and even the recovery of punitive damages should the facts warrant such a recovery. If there is a recovery to be had as allowed by law, Racine Olson personal injury lawyers will be working for you to get the compensation you deserve!

Motorcycle accidents change lives. Attempting to resolve these cases alone and without an attorney is an unfair and un-level playing field between the injured party, their loved ones, and the insurance companies whose goals are to minimize the payment of damages. The personal injury lawyers at Racine Olson tilt the playing field back into your favor. Call us today at 208.232.6101 and let’s begin and collect the recovery of the damages award you are entitled to.

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