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Idaho Falls Brain Injury Attorney

Brain injuries often go by many different names including “traumatic brain injury” or “TBI”. This happens where there is some type of trauma or impact to the head. It can occur when the head is hit by a blunt object or even during a car accident where the skull does not actually come into contact with any other object. The mere momentum changes that are involved in a car accident can cause the brain injury when it accelerates and decelerates striking the inside of the skull. After a person sustains a TBI, it is wise to immediately seek medical attention. The first few hours or days after a TBI are critical in helping the brain to heal properly. After you have had an opportunity to seek medical care, give us a call at Racine Olson. We have been solving TBI cases for our Idaho Falls friends and neighbors for more than 70 years, and we would be happy to help you reach a favorable resolution.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

A TBI can be caused by various different traumatic forces. For instance, you are no doubt familiar with the many issues surrounding the National Football League and its attempt to keep players safe from concussions and brain injuries over the length of a player’s career. Closer to home, we participate in activities all the time that could result in a TBI. For instance, when we get into a car and are involved in an accident, the forces involved could cause a TBI. In addition to car accidents, a TBI could arise from a snowmobile collision, or a motorcycle collision, or even from merely falling down the stairs at a store. All of these things cause the sudden acceleration and deceleration of the brain inside the skull and could result in serious injury.

Of course, there are many structures that are intended to protect the brain, including the skull, muscle, and the fluid that the brain floats in. However, these natural protections are sometimes not enough to keep the brain from injury under harmful conditions.

Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms

There are several symptoms that a person should be aware of that can arise when there is a TBI. These include vomiting, speech impairment, memory loss, dizziness, or even the loss of sense including smell and taste. Over the long term, a person may suffer from depression, loss of impulse control, cognitive impairment, and emotional outbursts.

It’s very important to immediately consult your physician if you believe that you may have suffered a TBI. These specialists, along with neuropsychological experts can often help a person reach the maximum level of recovery.

Traumatic Brain Injury Damages

There are probably not many injuries to the body that can be more debilitating than a brain injury. Due to its long-term effects, a person could lose their job or be unable to function at the level they once enjoyed. This might result in demotion or even termination by their employer. In addition, there are medical expenses which include hospital care and rehabilitation that must be addressed.

Your Idaho Falls Brain Injury Attorneys at Racine Olson understand these problems. We are able to locate the experts who would be best able to maximize the value of your case to ensure that you are properly compensated for this terrible injury. Give us a call. Problem Solved.

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