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Idaho Falls Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

It seems like slip and fall injuries are the most trivialized accidents that can happen. People don’t seem to take them seriously, but they can have terrible effects on a person’s life. Consider the situation where a stairwell is missing a handrail, or perhaps there are unlit stairs, or construction defects. These can lead to terrible, life-altering injuries on a person who falls and has serious head trauma or broken bones. We have handled cases at this firm involving injured optic nerves, broken hips and other bones, due to the fact that the owner or occupant of the premises did not use reasonable care to ensure that people would be protected. Racine Olson has been handling claims like these for many decades. We have the attorneys with the expertise to handle these sorts of claims whether you are in Idaho Falls or elsewhere in the state.

Standards of Care can be Established by Building Codes

There is a concept called negligence per se. This involves laws that are enacted by the City, County, or the State, which govern how a building should be constructed. These laws are often assembled in the Uniform Building Code. The Supreme Court has stated that the Uniform Building Code can be used to establish negligence per se.

This is helpful because if a building code has been violated, the injured person does not need to show that the owner or occupant of the premises failed to act as a reasonable person would. Instead, they merely need to show that the code provision was violated, and negligence has been established as a matter of law. Then, the injured party only needs to show the injuries and that they were a result of the negligent violation of the statute.

Owners and Occupants Must be Reasonable

An owner and/or occupant of a property needs to act in a reasonable fashion to ensure that property is maintained in a safe fashion. In other words, if the owner or occupant knew or should have known that a slippery substance was on the floor, then the failure to promptly clean it up to protect customers can be found to be negligent. Slip and fall accidents are often unique to the circumstances, and it is important to have an attorney look over your case and give you advice on whether or not you can be successful.

Maintain the Evidence

It would seem to go without saying that photographs of the accident and any documents that are signed should be maintained. However, it is surprising how often people forget about these important things. Later, when memories have dimmed and litigation is proceeding, these documents and/or photographs can prove to be invaluable.

In addition to photographs, clothing, and documents, if there are witnesses to the accident, try to get their telephone numbers and addresses. All of these things are helpful in the future.

Take care of yourself. Make sure that you go to your healthcare provider and get the proper treatment. You need to be taken care of, and quick treatment can often lead to a better result.

We look forward to seeing you here at Racine Olson and would enjoy helping you solve this problem. Problem Solved.

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