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Pocatello Truck Accident Attorney

One of the most devastating accidents that often occurs in Idaho involves large 18-wheeler or semi-trucks. These massive vehicles travel on the interstate as well as small country roads all around Idaho. Your Pocatello Trust Accident Attorneys at Racine Olson can help you if you are involved in an accident with one of these huge machines.

Recently, the attorneys at Racine Olson investigated a semi-truck accident which occurred on a rural highway in Idaho, which lead to a fatality. The semi-truck was hauling farm products when it rounded a turn too quickly, tipped over, and slammed into another semi-truck. The sheer breadth and size of the impact and damages to the vehicles were astounding. A person can only imagine what thoughts must have passed through the drivers’ minds just before the impact. All too frequently, these types of terrible accidents occur. Racine Olson has been here for 70 years and has helped many injured people. We know how to approach these types of cases and have the experience to solve the issues arising therefrom.

It is Important to Have a Knowledgeable Attorney

It’s always important to have a knowledgeable attorney. However, in the case of semi-truck accidents, this is especially necessary. The knowledge or experience that an ideal attorney would have in this type of case is knowledge of the law, as well as experience with these large trucks and the rules that govern them. We have both at the Pocatello office of Racine Olson Nye & Budge. We have handled cases like this and understand the law. Generally speaking, the law that surrounds these types of situations is the law of negligence. It outlines that a person has a duty to act as a reasonable person would in the circumstances (and obey all traffic laws). Once a duty is established, there needs to be a causal connection between the duty breached and the injuries sustained. This is usually not a problem to establish.

As it concerns the experience surrounding these large vehicles, we are fortunate to have an attorney here at Racine Olson in Pocatello who was an Idaho State Police officer. He is able to review accidents and determine fault quickly and easily. He is also efficient at finding the necessary evidence to determine whether or not an error was made. His experience has proven useful in complex cases.

Catastrophic Injuries are Caused by Truck Accidents

These 18-wheel trucks are massive, and they move at high speed. The resulting accident caused by one can cause injuries which are terrible and last a lifetime. Due to the severity of the injuries, victims in such accidents have medical bills, lost wages, and frequently are unable to work in the same or similar fields that they were involved in prior to the accident. This means a loss of future wages. With the proper attorney on the victim’s side, these losses, along with pain and suffering, can be recovered.

Adverse Insurance Companies Will Try to Take Advantage

You will be surprised how, following an accident, many insurance companies immediately try to reach a quick settlement with the injured party. Do not fall for this and do not provide a statement right away. In Idaho, the statute of limitations is two years, which gives an injured person enough time to see what sort of medical care they are going to need and how long the injuries are expected to last. Before you settle with an insurance company or provide a statement that will later be used against you, discuss your situation with one of the truck accident attorneys here at Racine Olson in Pocatello.

We have helped many people just like you in these types of accidents. We know where to look for the evidence, and we know how to establish damages in order to maximize your claim. Problem solved.

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