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Pocatello Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

The choice to place an elderly relative or loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility is difficult. It takes a toll on all concerned. The pros and cons of such a decision are debated around family dinner tables millions of times a year. It is an agonizing and emotional process.

There are often very good reasons that a loved one must be placed in an assisted living facility. It may be that relatives, who would normally provide care, are spread out across the nation, and no one is in a position to provide care. It may also be that the aged relative does not wish to move away from long-established ties to their community. Regardless of why the relocation to an assisted living facility is made necessary, all involved in this emotional decision rely upon the administration and staff at the facility to provide the level of care that a loved one deserves.

Thankfully, most employees at nursing homes and assisted living facilities are dedicated and genuinely care about the residents living there. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Abuse to aged residents and loved ones frequently happens in the United States, and when it does, the results are tragic. If this has occurred to one of your loved ones, the attorneys at Racine Olson have the experience, knowledge, and understanding to help you work through the legal issues and find solutions for your loved one. After all, the attorneys at Racine Olson in Pocatello have been solving these sorts of problems for years, even decades. We would be happy to help you with the problems that you are confronting.

Types of Elder Abuse

There are many types of elder abuse. These include, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. The most common of these societal issues revolves around physical abuse. However, regardless of the type of abuse, research has shown that the elderly who suffer from these types of conditions die earlier and have a lower quality of life than those who are not confronted with these challenges.

Signs of Physical Abuse

There are some signs of physical abuse that you should be aware of and react to swiftly. If you are visiting a loved one and you find unexplained bruises, cuts, bloody clothing, or other physical injuries, you should immediately take action. Confront the facility and ask questions about how an injury occurred. Get an explanation as to why it was not reported to either you or another family member. If these answers are not satisfactory, report the matter to the authorities.

Emotional Abuse

This form of abuse is varied and is often difficult to recognize. It can take the form of humiliation, verbal abuse, screaming or yelling, ignoring or isolating the resident. If your loved one appears withdrawn, depressed, or unusually quiet, inquire as to why they are feeling this way. You may even consider a counselor to discuss the matter with the elderly relative. Whatever you decide, don’t simply ignore it.


Often times, neglect has the same signs or symptoms as emotional abuse. However, there are additional things that you could watch for. These include soiled clothing or bed clothes, medications that have not been given, or even signs of improper nutrition.

These are difficult topics and perhaps the most unpleasant and disheartening ones a family may have to approach. There are feels of guilt and remorse at having to place a loved one in a facility. We rely on those at the various healthcare facilities to care for our loved ones the way we would. If this is not happening, a Pocatello Idaho Nursing Home Abuse Attorney can help. Here are Racine Olson, we have addressed these types of claims before, and we would be happy to talk to you about the problem that is troubling you. Give us a call.

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