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Pocatello Defective Product Liability Attorney

Every day we encounter thousands of products that have been introduced into the stream of commerce by companies. By far, the vast majority of these products make our lives simpler and more enjoyable. However, there are times when a product has been designed poorly or is defective and it causes a serious injury, illness, or even death. A product liability attorney at Racine Olson can help when a person has been seriously injured by one of these products. Our Pocatello office has been here since the 1940s and has helped many people who have been seriously injured.

A dangerous product can arise from a defective design, a manufacturing error, or even a failure by a company to warn future owners or users of the product of its dangers. In Idaho, it is possible to bring a product liability claim to compensate the victim for injuries and/or losses that have been suffered due to a defective product.

Racine Olson Handles Defective Product Claims

Product liability attorneys at Racine Olson in Pocatello are able to help their clients with these cases due to several attributes. First, they have experience with these types of cases and achieving good results for their clients. Second, the attorneys at Racine Olson are able to access the experts necessary to make a product liability claim successful. Third, Racine Olson has the financial ability to hire important and expensive experts that are necessary to increase the value of the case. Depending on the type of case, experts may be necessary in the medical fields, engineering specialties, or human factors. In order to develop a successful case and strategy, these types of people are necessary.

Racine Olson Product Liability Attorneys Understand the Law

Product liability law is complex. It involves the Restatement (2nd) of Torts and allows various theories of recovery including strict liability, negligence, manufacturing defects, failure to warn, and other important areas. These theories or methods of establishing fault are often difficult to prove and require careful study by both attorney and experts.

Dangerous Products Exist All Around Us.

Often a dangerous product causes an accident, but without the proper knowledge of product liability, the wrongdoer escapes liability. For instance, let’s assume a pickup truck is pulling a trailer behind it; the trailer gets loose and goes into oncoming traffic causing a serious injury. The kneejerk reaction would be to simply seek damages from the pickup truck driver. Perhaps it would be believed that the driver had failed to hook the trailer up properly to his pickup truck and this had allowed the trailer to escape. However, it may be that the hitch itself, or the cables attaching the trailer to the back of the truck, were manufactured or designed improperly and that this allowed the trailer to escape from behind the truck and cause serious harm. These angles need to be examined carefully by qualified attorneys and experts to determine whether or not further recovery is possible.

Preserve the Evidence

If at all possible, after an injury, please take photographs and preserve the evidence. This allows experts to study the matter carefully and determine the cause of the accident. If you don’t own the evidence, please contact an attorney immediately so that an evidence preservation letter can be sent out.

The product liability attorneys at Racine Olson are confident that they can help you. We have been here in Pocatello for many, many years. Come see us today and let’s solve the problem together.

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