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Idaho Falls Driver Fatigue Injury Attorney

Idaho Falls is surrounded by some of the most beautiful farm land in Idaho. The roads are straight, and it seems that a driver doesn't have to do anything but enjoy the scenery. It doesn't really seem to matter what time of the day or night it is, one moment a driver is driving down the road and the next, he or she realizes that an opposing driver has suddenly entered their lane of traffic. An accident occurs. It's amazing how fast an accident like this can happen. A driver goes from one moment thinking about the tasks of the day and the scenery they are passing by and the next, someone has changed their life forever. How do these accidents happen? It's often due to driver fatigue, and it doesn't matter whether it's early morning, mid-afternoon, or in the late of night. People get tired, they doze off, and lives are changed forever. Racine Olson has been handling fatigued driver cases for years. We've been around since the 1940s, and we've helped numerous people from the Idaho Falls area. We believe that we have the experience to instill confidence in you.

Driver Fatigue in the Idaho Falls Area can Lead to Terrible Accidents

Idaho roads, especially county roads, can lull drivers to sleep out of their sense of security and the lack of other drivers. The roads are often straight with little happening on either side. As a result, people lose concentration and accidents occur.

The Center of Disease Control recently stated in their 2017 report that more than 70,000,000 people suffer from sleep disorders. Obviously, people who are not well rested become sleepy when their driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has stated that drowsy driving is responsible for about 72,000 car accidents per year. Idaho is not immune from such accidents, and neither are Idaho Falls or Bonneville County.

Idaho Law Defines Negligence in Drowsy Driving Cases

Although Idaho law does not have a specific statute which is entitled "Drowsy Driving", Idaho Code § 49-1401(3) provides that where a person is inattentive, careless or imprudent, in light of all the circumstances there existing, the person may be convicted of inattentive driving. This covers the instances where drivers are drowsy and fall asleep at the wheel.

If a person is injured by a drowsy driver and that driver is cited for inattentive driving, then the innocent injured party can use the statute to establish negligence.

Be Safe and Guard Against Drowsy Driving

It's important to be safe in this high-speed, fast-moving society that we live in. Make sure you have enough sleep before driving. A person should really get at least six hours of sleep per night. If you find yourself blinking, yawning, or drifting out of your lane or onto the rumble strip, pull off to the side and get a quick nap. Even 20-30 minutes can help you be a safer driver.

People with sleep disorders and medications are much more likely to have a drowsy driving accident. Make sure that you talk with your doctor and stay within the restrictions he or she provides.

At Racine Olson, we are here to help. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, give us a call. You'll talk with an attorney who will set up an appointment with you and take the time to discuss the challenging situation that is confronting you. That is the unique thing about Racine Olson. We will take the time to sit down and make sure that your concerns are answered. Give us a call. Problem Solved.

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