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Idaho Falls Burn Attorney

There are many different types of accidents that can result in an innocent person being severely burned. At Racine Olson, we have seen many of these in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and other areas. It seems that a person suffering from such an injury is unable to escape the pain. Often there are painful skin grafts and terrible disfigurement. The attorneys at Racine Olson are here to help. We have been here since the 1940s.

Liability for Causing Burns

When a person is badly burned, the first thing that they need to do is get treatment. Severe burns often require that the person go to a specific burn unit or a large regional medical center.

After obtaining the necessary care, give an experienced burn lawyer such as Racine Olson a call so that the complexities of the case can be handled appropriately. To establish negligence for a house or apartment fire, one needs to show that the owner did not act as a reasonable person would. Another way is to show that the contractor, builder, or electrician who installed the wiring did not meet the standards that an ordinary person would. Idaho cases have established that if a landowner, electrician, or contractor failed to abide by the fire codes and/or uniform building codes, then negligence is automatically established.

Burns Happen Everywhere

It seems that burns can happen almost everywhere, including car accidents, the workplace, electrical wiring, and even acid. However, it doesn't matter where the accident occurred, what matters is why it occurred and who is responsible. The following are just a few examples of where an accident can occur and why it's important to know who is responsible.

Acid or Chemical Burns

Racine Olson has handled cases which have arisen due to acid or chemical burns in the workplace. At times, an independent contractor is called in to do work and conducts itself in an unsafe manner. If an employee steps into an improperly drained container, a retaining pond, or comes into contact with these harsh acids, chemical burns result and treatment is necessary immediately.


It goes without saying that fires in homes or in buildings are a leading cause for serious burns. Often a contractor or builder has cut corners and the result is a wire that heats up and causes a fire. These burns can be terrible, even catastrophic and often lead to death.

Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents also cause burns. This can occur when acids, engines, or exhaust systems somehow come in contact with the innocent party. Generally, the person at fault in these cases is easy to identify he or she is usually the one that has caused the accident.

Electrical Injuries

When one thinks of these types of burns, the first thought is to think inside about outlets. However, serious electrical burns often occur outside as a result of wiring that is too low, overhead wiring that has been intruded upon by trees or other situations. When electrical burns happen outside, it usually results in catastrophic injuries due to the increased electrical loads that are present in outside wiring.


There are many different types of damages that are available to someone who has suffered a serious burn injury. These include money that is expended on medical treatment, lost wages, the inability to perform work in the future, future medical bills, pain and suffering, and, of course, disfigurement or scarring. All of these things need to be carefully considered and the appropriate experts hired in order to make sure that your case gets the proper treatment.

Here at Racine Olson we have the resources to hire the expert witnesses and the experience to know which experts are needed for a given case. We've handled these types of cases before and will be handle them again for our friends in Idaho Falls. We look forward to helping you out with this problem. Problem Solved.

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