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Boise Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Here in Boise, Idaho, we take pride in being active all year long. This means that our roadways, bike trails, the greenbelt, and parks are in high demand. However, there is no one more vulnerable to injuries or death than a pedestrian on a busy roadway. No one would ever think of wearing a helmet to walk down the street. However, motor vehicles are large, heavy, and unforgiving in an accident where a pedestrian is involved. At Racine Olson, we have represented people who were involved in these terrible accidents. We know the types of injuries that can occur and the lifelong impairments that arise. We have been around since the 1940s, and we continue this tradition of helping our neighbors throughout Idaho.

Pedestrian Accidents are on the Rise

In January 2018, the Idaho Statesman indicated that pedestrian deaths in Ada County had reached a high during 2017. The Idaho Statesman went on to explain that approximately 71 crashes involving pedestrians had occurred in 2016, and 19 of those victims had suffered incapacitating injuries. Idaho Statesman, January 10, 2018. Of course, Boise is not alone. The Center of Disease Control found that in 2015, 5,376 pedestrians were killed across the country, and 129,000 more were injured seriously enough to seek medical help at an emergency room. No doubt, these numbers will increase given our efforts to be more interactive with the outdoors and live a “greener” lifestyle.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Obviously, a pedestrian who is injured as a result of a motor vehicle collision often suffers catastrophic injuries. These include broken bones, closed head injuries, and even paralysis. In addition to the medical bills, pain and suffering that is endured, the injured person loses income and may even suffer a loss of future earning capacity.

Idaho Law Protects Boise Pedestrians

The law that is responsible for protecting pedestrians in Boise and elsewhere in Idaho is embodied in negligence. There are specific statutes and laws which govern the interactions between pedestrians and motor vehicles. Furthermore, the Idaho jury instructions provide that a person must act in a reasonable fashion under all the circumstances. When these rules are violated, the offending party is said to be negligent. A jury may then review the medical bills, proof of lost wages, and expert witness opinions regarding loss of future earnings, and render a verdict which compensates the injured person for all of his or her losses, including pain and suffering damages.

It is important to hire the proper experts in order to maximize your recovery. Racine Olson is familiar with the process and has been able to successfully represent people throughout its long history. More importantly than this, however, when you meet with us at Racine Olson, we are confident that you’ll come away with peace of mind and an understanding that you will be treated with respect. We look forward to meeting you. Problem Solved.

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