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Boise Defective and Dangerous Products Attorney

Think about the number of products you have used today prior to reading this webpage. The list probably ranges from coffee makers to motor vehicles to the dishwasher. Products are all around us and have made our lives much easier. However, when a product is not manufactured in a safe manner or is defectively designed, it can cause sickness, injury, or death. The attorneys at Racine Olson have handled product liability cases for many years and have solved all sorts of problems ranging from defective designs, manufacturing errors, or even the failures to warn which should accompany dangerous products.

Racine Olson can Solve Your Product Liability Case

Racine Olson attorneys, whether located in Boise or around the state, have the expertise and the resources to make a product liability case successful. In addition, Racine Olson has the financial resources that are necessary to fund these types of cases. To bring these cases to resolution, expert witnesses must be hired, and they are often very expensive. Expert witnesses include engineering experts, medical experts, failure analysis experts, and even human factors specialists. They often come from various parts of the country and are at the top of their fields.

Idaho Product Liability Law is Complex

There may be no other area of tort law that is as complex as product liability. To be successful in this area, an attorney must put in the time and research the various theories of liability to ensure that an injured person’s case is properly presented. For instance, cases can be premised on the fact that a product was negligently designed, or in other words, all of a certain category of product is defective. Another method of showing liability is to establish that a particular item was manufactured defectively as it came off the assembly line and, therefore, was more dangerous than the other products of that same type. Finally, there are situations where a product cannot be made safer, but the company failed to warn the end user of the product’s dangerous propensities. Each of these theories can be difficult to prove, and they nearly always require experts as well as a well-researched case.

Preserve the Evidence

One of the most important things that can be done when one is injured by a defective product is to preserve the evidence. If that means having a friend obtain it, then do so. Whatever needs to be done to preserve the evidence should be done so that experts can conduct a meaningful investigation into it. If you don’t own the evidence and have no opportunity to get it, you should contact an Idaho attorney immediately so that proper letters can be sent out demanding that the evidence be maintained in a safe and secure location.

We at Racine Olson are confident in our ability to help you with your problem. We’ve helped people in Boise as well as many other parts of the state. We think that you’ll be happy with the prompt and courteous treatment that you receive at our firm. Give us a call. Problem Solved.

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