David Alexander

I’m back! After three years in a temporary stint as General Counsel for Idaho State University, I am returning to my regularly-scheduled practice, including intellectual property and internet law. We thought this blog would be a good place for me to answer some of the questions that people commonly have about these topics. If you have one that you would like to see addressed on these pages, write me at ipblog@racinelaw.net and I will try to answer.

For the record: I am not a patent lawyer, although I will talk about patent law issues from time to time, and I have litigated a few patent cases. I can’t file patents for you, and I won’t search patents for you, but I can help you figure out if you have an issue and direct you to a patent lawyer who can help.

I have worked on trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property issues for the last 15 years, and there are many things I can help you with, from registering a trademark to dealing with copyright trolls. If you would like to consult with me on any issue, please call Racine Olson or write me at dea@racinelaw.net. I offer free initial consultations.

Beware: anything stated in this blog is not legal advice, and we have not established an attorney-client relationship unless and until I send you a letter stating that I have been retained. Until then, anything I might write here does not pertain to your particular situation and cannot be taken as legal advice.

Check back often. I plan to update regularly. And please send me your questions!


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