Trademark of the Day – December 3, 2015

I think this guy has too many oars in the water: Published for registration under the Madrid Protocol to owner Francesco Cirillo of Berlin, Germany:



First, there’s nothing that draws customers like the sound of a screaming toddler or a college student who has stepped out of his safe place. But what the heck is he trying to sell with this mark? According to his application he is using the mark for:

“Recorded content… featuring music and animation; … audiovisual receivers; magnets, magnetizers and demagnetizers for magnetic tapes; … electrical integrated control systems for use in the field of waste water treatment, information management and communications; apparatus, instruments in the nature of electricity conduits and cables for electricity; optical devices, enhancers and correctors, namely, optical lenses; safety, security, protection and signally devices, namely, cables for optical signal transmission; diving equipment, namely, helmets; navigation, guidance, tracking, targeting and map making devices, namely, global positioning systems; measuring, detecting and monitoring instruments, indicators and controllers, namely, computer hardware; scientific research and laboratory apparatus, educational apparatus and simulators, namely, electronic clinicians training simulators; and parts and fittings for all the aforementioned goods…”

All of which were in Class 9. Also, in Class 16,

“Works of art and figurines of paper and cardboard, and architects’ models; decoration and art materials and media, namely, paintbrushes; filtering materials of paper; …  film or sheets for packaging, wrapping and storage of paper, cardboard or plastics; stationery and educational supplies in the nature of paper and cardboard; adhesives for stationary or household purposes; money holders, namely, clips; disposable paper products, namely, paper tubes; printed matter, namely, books in the field of time management, productivity, entertainment, music, animation, sports and sports competitions, learning difficulties, fitness and exercise, and software and product development, newspapers; paper and cardboard; and parts and accessories for all of the aforesaid goods.”

If Francesco is really doing all of this, I’ll buy his time management book.


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