COVID-19 Update: How We Are Serving and Protecting Our Clients


By Lane V. Erickson, Idaho Estate Planning Attorney

When it comes to the coronavirus, there are a number of questions my clients have posed recently. The purpose of this blog article is simply to answer some of the most common questions I’ve been asked.

If you don’t find your question listed below, please contact me. I am still doing phone consultations and video calls to answer questions for clients and to help them with their estate planning needs. I do this through a free 30-minute consultation and would be happy to spend some time answering your questions and helping you!

Can I Still Get My Estate Planning Done?

The short answer to this question is yes. We are still helping clients complete their estate planning. We do this by giving them our free Estate Planning Questionnaire. We also offer a free 30-minute consultation to review the information in the Questionnaire and help our clients make decisions about the things they want to accomplish through their estate plan.

What Documents are the Most Important?

The most important documents that each person should have as part of their basic estate plan includes a last will and testament, a durable power of attorney for property and finances, a living will, and a power of attorney for health care. It’s also possible that an individual may need a trust or a number of trusts to accomplish what it is they need to have done as part of their basic estate plan.

Estate planning is individualized. It really is controlled by your family members, loved ones, and specific circumstances in your life. We have assisted numerous clients in creating their own customized estate plans. We are confident that we can help you too. Please contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation.

How Do I Take Care of My Small Children if I Get Sick?

The easiest way to do this is through a limited power of attorney. In this power of attorney, you have the ability of naming someone who has the authority to make healthcare and medical decisions for your children, if you are unable to do this for yourself. This type of power of attorney is limited to whatever specific length of time you want.

Can I Change My Estate Planning Documents If Someone I Named Gets Sick?

Yes, so long as you are able to understand and know what it is you are doing, you have the ability to update or change your estate plan anytime you want. This would include changing or updating any of the documents in your estate planning that are listed above.

Do I Have to Register My Will?

No, registering a will is not required by Idaho law. Many decades ago, most individuals would register a will so that everyone would know where their will was located. However, while registering a will is still available under Idaho law, it is not a requirement.

Should I Share My Estate Planning Documents with my Family?

The answer to this question really depends on you. I encourage my clients to share their estate planning with those individuals they are asking or nominating to do some specific thing for them. For instance, if you have named someone to be your personal representative in your will, you should probably let this person know this is what you have done.

Alternatively, many parents do not share their estate planning documents with their children because they don’t want to upset their children. Because your estate planning documents are your personal property, you get to make the decision about who you share those documents with.

Where Should I Keep My Estate Planning Documents?

We recommend that you keep your estate planning documents in a safe place where they are organized and easy to find. When we help our clients complete their own estate plans, we keep their original last will and testament in our office. We do this so that it does not get misplaced, lost, or accidentally destroyed.

All the other estate planning documents we give to our clients to hold and to use. We organize them in an estate planning binder. We also make as many copies for our clients as they want so they can share them with their children or other family members if they choose.


If you have any questions about your estate or how to simplify your plans for your family and loved ones, we can help.  Call us toll free at 877-232-6101 or 208-232-6101 for a free consultation with Lane Erickson and the Racine Olson team of Estate Planning attorneys in Pocatello. You can also email Lane Erickson directly at We will answer your questions and will help you solve your Pocatello Estate Planning problems. I have helped numerous clients create their own customized estate plans and I’m confident that I can help you too.

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