By Nathan R. Palmer

The calculation used to determine the amount of child support to be paid by one parent to the other can seem somewhat mysterious. While there are nuances to every factor used in calculating child support, the factors listed below are typically used in every child support calculation:

Time with the child. The Idaho Child Support Guidelines require the input of the percentage of time each parent spends with the child. The percentage is determined by counting the number of overnight visits the child has with each parent during the year. Generally, parents pay less (or receive more) child support when they spend a higher percentage of time with their child.

Income. The Idaho Child Support Guidelines explain the income used to calculate child support includes income from all sources, whether taxable or not. A parent who does not work or who makes less than $15,080 per year will be imputed an income of $15,080 which is the amount the parent would earn if he/she earned minimum wage.

Tax exemption. Only one parent is allowed to claim a child as a dependent for tax purposes. Generally, the parent with the higher income is awarded the tax exemption regardless of the amount of time the parent spends with the child.

Health insurance/childcare costs. The amount of money each parent pays for a child’s health insurance is included in the child support calculation. Additionally, any amounts paid for child care are also factored into the calculation.

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