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By Nathan R. Palmer

Continuity and stability are two of the factors Idaho judges must consider when drafting a child custody plan for divorcing parents. The majority of child psychologists and social workers advise parents to establish routines for their children to help create a predictable environment in which children typically thrive. Accordingly, it is generally in a child’s best interest for parents who must co-parent from different households to collaborate regarding providing their child with consistency, including:

    1. Daily Routines. If possible, parents should maintain similar routines at both homes to help ease the transition from one home to the other. Simple matters such as bed times, meal times, homework, and recreation should be similar at both homes to help create an environment of continuity and stability
    2. Exchanges. Leaving one parent’s home for the other can be difficult for a child. Collaboration regarding exchange locations, times, and conduct during exchanges will help decrease the anxiety associated with custody transition.
    3. Discipline. While all parents use different methods for disciplining their children, it is important for children to understand the consequences of their actions. Therefore, creating similar household rules, and similar punishments for violation of those rules, at both homes will help children learn acceptable conduct.

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