By Lane V. Erickson, Idaho Estate Planning Attorney

Like most people, I’m often asked what I do for a living. When I tell people that I am an estate planning attorney, the most common response I hear is, “I really need to get my estate planning done.” In other words, most people recognize that estate planning is important, but they do not actually get it done. I’ve thought about this a lot and wondered why it is that most people do not get their estate planning done. I am pretty sure I know the answer.

Like most things, when it comes to estate planning, people don’t get it done because they don’t know how to start. Let’s face it, if estate planning was easy for everyone to understand and do then everyone would already have it done. For most people it’s not easy because they don’t know what they need to do.

The good news is estate planning is not hard when you know what needs to be done. The easiest way to start your estate plan is to gather all your information together. This information is about you, your spouse, your children, and any other family members or loved ones that you are concerned about. Your information also includes your instructions about who you want to have take care of you if you need it and how they will do this, what your final instructions are if at the end of your life you are in a terminal medical condition but on life support, and who you want your money, property, and other assets to go to after you pass away.

Now, I know what you are thinking. That last paragraph makes estate-planning sound hard again doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry, we’re still going to make this very easy for you. By downloading and using our free Estate Planning Questionnaire you have a document that makes gathering all this information and listing your instructions easy.

After you fill out the Estate Planning Questionnaire we can then schedule a free 30-minute consultation to go over your information with you and to answer your specific questions. During this free consultation we also talk with you about all the options and choices you have in a way that’s easy for you to understand so you can make decisions about what it is you want to accomplish with your estate plan.

Our goal is to make the process of helping you get your estate planning done as simple and easy as possible. To do this, we provide all this information to you for free. We also let you know what our flat fee prices are for each of the estate planning choices you have to choose from. This way, you do not have to pay us a cent unless you decide to hire us to help you get your estate planning done.

With the free tools we offer, estate planning is easy. It gives you the perfect place and way to start. We encourage you to use these tools to help you gather your information so you can decide what will work best for yourself, your spouse, family, and loved ones. Contact us today and you will be taking the first step towards getting your own estate plan done.


If you have any questions about your estate or how to simplify your plans for your family and loved ones, we can help.  Call us toll free at 877-232-6101 or 208-232-6101 for a free consultation with Lane Erickson and the Racine Olson team of Estate Planning attorneys in Pocatello. You can also email Lane Erickson directly at We will answer your questions and will help you solve your Pocatello Estate Planning problems. I have helped numerous clients create their own customized estate plans and I’m confident that I can help you too.

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