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I’m not receiving child support, what should I do?

By Heidi Buck Morrison

If you are not receiving child support, the first step is getting a child support order in place. This will involve filing a court case to have child support established. In Idaho, child support is calculated based on the Idaho State Child Support Guidelines, a statutory formula, which takes into account a number of factors, including time spent with the child, income of the mother and father, which parent insures the child and the cost of such insurance, and which parent claims the child on his/her taxes. I.R.F.L.P. 126.

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If a child support order is in place, yet you are not receiving child support, there are a number of steps you can take to try and collect the child support owed. For a fee, through the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Child Support Services, you can open an enforcement action to pursue the enforcement remedies available. Among other remedies, Child Support Services may suspend a delinquent parent’s driver’s license, recreational license, or occupational license who owes more than $2,000.00 or the equivalent of three months of child support. Child Support Services can also file liens with the Idaho Secretary of State so that when property owned by a delinquent parent is sold, the profits from the sale of the property can be intercepted to pay back child support. They may also intercept state retirement funds paid to the delinquent parent and intercept lottery winnings of $500 or more to pay back child support. To learn more, visit

In addition to the help Child Support Services can offer, an attorney can assist you in obtaining a judgment against the delinquent parent, garnishing the delinquent parent’s wages to collect owed child support, or pursuing a contempt action.

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