Don’t Drive Through Flooded Sections – Find Another Route

I-86 Closed Near Raft River Due to Standing Water

Idaho State Police report that I-86 at milepost 14 has an estimated one and a half feet of standing water for a 200-foot stretch just east of the I-84/I-86 (“the split”) interchange near Raft River. The Idaho Department of Transportation closed Interstate 86 on Monday between mileposts 0 and 36 because of flooding over the Raft River bridges.

There is not yet an official alternate route around the closed section of the interstate. Motorists are being warned via the electronic reader boards at Glenns Ferry and Pocatello of the closures. Bridges over the Raft River for alternate routes are in the same flooded condition as the interstate bridges. Map out your trip prior to leaving home and check for road conditions and closures to choose the safest way to arrive at your destination.

The average automobile can be swept off the road and begin to float in 12 inches of water, and roads covered by water are prone to collapse. Pay attention to barricades, caution signs, and other indicators for road closures; do not drive past them. Also, never attempt to drive through fast-moving water, such as an overflowing river. Such an attempt may stall your engine, with the potential to cause irreparable damage to your vehicle and injuries to you and others. If your car stalls do not stay with the vehicle. Leave your car and head to higher ground.

Driving conditions have been especially challenging this winter with large amounts of snow and flooding caused by melting snow as temperatures rise. If you have been injured in a crash due to another motorist’s negligent actions, the personal injury team at Racine Olson is available to discuss your concerns and answer your questions. Call today at 208-232-6101 and let us help.

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