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Attitude: The Key to Reinventing Yourself

By Fred J. Lewis

I have been representing individuals involved in Idaho Worker’s Compensation claims for 29 years. Most of these injured workers have had career-ending injuries. They have to completely reinvent themselves. These career-ending injuries always result in losses. Idaho injured workers lose their friends at work. Idaho injured workers lose their sense of identity since Western cultures almost require an individual to define themselves by their job. When someone asks you to introduce yourself, you will often start off by explaining to them where you work and what you do on your job. That is how we define ourselves. To lose this identity is to lose your sense of who you are.

Idaho injured workers dealing with their Idaho worker’s compensation claims often become depressed and find it difficult to reinvent themselves. It then becomes a downward spiral from which they believe there is no escape. Several of my clients have had suicidal thoughts. A significant majority of Idaho injured workers have to end up taking antidepressant drugs. There is no shame in getting help with this situational depression that plagues so many Idaho injured workers.

Attitude becomes everything after you experience a career-ending Idaho industrial accident. You have to believe in yourself and focus in on your strengths that have brought you success throughout your life. If you give in to the depression and give up, you will not be able to overcome the difficult challenges that your career-ending accident will bring.

So if you experience a career-ending accident, don’t try to face it alone. As an experienced Idaho worker’s compensation lawyer, I have helped many of my clients reinvent themselves. As I have discussed in the past, there are retraining programs, counseling services, and help from the Idaho Industrial Commission Rehabilitation Division that can help you get back on track and reclaim your life. Call me today at 208-232-6101. I can help you.


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