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Dealing with Creditors of Trust

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By Matthew P. Stucki There are numerous reasons that an individual, known as a Grantor, may decide to use a living trust as the vehicle to transfer his or her property upon death. In most living trusts, the Grantor directs the Trustee to settle with the Grantor’s creditors before distributing…

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Punitive Damages Awards in Idaho

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt Idaho law defines punitive damages as “damages . . . over and above what will compensate the [suing party] for actual personal injury and property damage.” They are extra damages that serve the public policies of punishing a wrongdoer and deterring future, similar behavior. For example, if a…

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Adopting a Child in Idaho

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt Adoption became a recognized legal practice in the United States back in 1851, when Massachusetts passed the Adoption of Children Act, which recognized adoption as a legal means to improve child welfare. Recent studies estimate that about 135,000 children are adopted in America every year, with…

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