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Immigration Law

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“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
- Emma Lazarus, 1883.

An Immigration Attorney You Can Trust

At Racine Olson, we understand that our great country was founded by immigrants. We understand the important role immigrants play in our economy, our communities, and in our families. Immigration is a complex area of law that is constantly changing. Missing important deadlines, filing incorrect or incomplete paperwork could result in denial or what could be deemed as a false claim. You need a competent attorney to assess your situation and help you navigate the ever-changing immigration system. No matter what your individual situation may be, we can give you an honest evaluation of your immigration case and the options available to you on your path to citizenship and family reunification.

What to Expect

We will start your case by asking you questions relevant to your case. This way we can be sure that you qualify for the relief you are seeking, and we do not waste time filing a petition or form that will later be rejected. This is a straightforward process for individuals starting a new visa petition, applying for permanent residency, or naturalization. All of which have strict deadlines and specific requirements, we can guide you through the process so you will have a smooth transition.

For individuals who have multiple entries and exits from the US; or have been here for extended periods of time and are unsure of their situation, it may be necessary for us to submit a FOIA request. FOIA stands for Freedom of Information Act, we can request information about your case from any Government Agency. Typically, agencies like United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) are helpful to use to understand case history. From there we can determine what options are available to you, so we can be sure that the actions we will take on your behalf will not have a negative impact on your immigration status.


For individuals outside of the United States, a Visa is necessary to seek admission at a port of entry. Once you arrive you will be issued an I-94 document that will determine the length of time you are allowed to stay in the United States.

Humanitarian Immigration Help

T-Visas This special visa category is for individuals who a lured here by human sex traffickers offering a better life or employment. Sadly, many of these victims are unaware of their options are afraid to come forward for fear of deportation.

U-Visas: This visa is available as an immigrant, and non-immigrant visa, it is for individuals who are victims of criminal activity occurring in the United States or in violation of US laws.

Asylum: This humanitarian option is available to individuals who came without a Visa fleeing persecution in their home country. These individuals must request asylum within one year of entering the United States.

Apply for Permanent Residency

Also referred to as getting a green card, becoming a lawful permanent resident, this is an important step towards making your stay here in the United States permanent. This process is vital for keeping families together.

Applying for Citizenship

Becoming a citizen gives you comfort and stability of knowing you can no longer be deported; it also makes it easier to petition for a spouse or child as a US citizen because they are exempt from visa per capita limits. However, in some cases, applying for citizenship can initiate deportation proceedings. This process can seem overwhelming, don’t worry, we are here to help!

BEWARE of Immigration Fraud

Non-citizens are particularly vulnerable to Immigration fraud because of language barriers partially caused by the term notary, being similar to the Spanish term “notario”. In Mexico, and many other countries a “notario” refers to a person with legal education and training who is authorized to assist individuals with some legal issues. A stark contrast to the qualifications required to become a notary in the United States, where no formal education and training is necessary, rather to become a notary in most States requires only that the individual purchase a bond and pay a nominal fee. Individuals advertising as “Notarios” take advantage of the fact that many unsuspecting people do not know the difference between a notary in the United States as compared to a notario in their home country. Notarios often charge expensive fees to handle an immigration case, and then either disappear with the money, or file incorrect or incomplete paperwork resulting in the deportation of their victims. This type of fraud often goes unchecked because these businesses often move around from place to place, and many victims get deported when their cases get botched due to false claims, missed deadlines, incorrect or incomplete paperwork being filed.

For more information on immigration/ notario fraud visit the American Bar Association Website.

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